QR Code Training Tracking Cards

Tracking your Employees Safety Training is Easy!

 Are you looking for an EASY way to better track your employees Safety and Compliance training?  We have the solution!

We are now offering to our clients a single safety training card that, through the use of a QR scan code, will show all of their training records, training and expiration dates.  Simply scan the card with any QR scanner (Smart Phone/I Phone/Tablet) and you will gain access to your employee’s data-bank of training records. 

 We can add training records or data from other training providers to your employee’s data base as well!

Many companies have taken advantage of this time-saving program, with well over 300 plus employees already in our database.

Is your company ready to start saving time tracking your employee training?     

Give us a call today to get more information on this very affordable program!