OSHA Hazard Communication & GHS


Hazard Communication Training

  • Identifying Hazardous Materials in the Workplace
  • Employer/Employee Responsibility
  • Preparing the Written Plan
  • Completing an Safety Data Sheet Inventory
  • Worker Training: Hazard Recognition; Recognizing Exposures Vs Overexposures; Signs & Symptoms Of Overexposure; Responding To Emergencies (Spills And Injuries); Understanding Sds’s; Container Labeling
  • Primary and Secondary Labels


  • Inventory company current MSDS on file 
  • Research current MSDS by manufacturer/supplier/distributor for new available SDS 
  • Copy/print new SDS and inventory versus MSDS inventory 
  • Alphabetically index new SDS in SDS company binder(s) 
  • Submit electronic copies of all SDS in pdf format on a flash drive 

GHS/NFPA Labeling

Cleavenger Compliance Training & Consulting, Inc. Prints labels just for your company!

We use your existing SDS sheets and we create a custom, compliant label that best first your personal needs. 

Label sizes incluse 4X6, 3X5, and 2.5X4.

Pipe Marking Labels & Floor marking tape also available at any length.